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"Hello! My name is Helga and I activist and leader of the movement "Barefoot Energy".Today is a very important day for me because today we start the project "Barefoot Around the World".The essence of it is very simple, I have a goal to overtake the planet barefoot . I want to leave their mark on all continents . In fact , I think it's great , because I love to walk barefoot from childhood. My parents forbade me to go barefoot ..
 But I do not like shoes. I love the ease , I love the naturalness ... Naturalness very much lacking in the city. Now in the winter - it's a great time to challenge . My goal is to go barefoot the entire globe. But my feet are not yet ready for the complexities and weather conditions that may be encountered on my way. So I need to train, and especially for this I have got this videoblog. In it, I will share with you my small victories , their achievements ... will talk about themselves, their interests, about his life ... Because the best motivation for me is - is your attention. Subscribe to my vlog. Thank you very much . And I think that will be interesting! 


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About the project 

All members of our team - real barefoot girls! 
They are not models! 
They like to walk barefoot and shoot videos and photos! 
They do not go barefoot for the money! 

Fundraising goal - travel barefoot around the world!

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