Helga "Barefoot Travel Diary # Day1" [January Discount - $29.95]

Helga "Barefoot Travel Diary" - Day 1 

"Here it is – my long-expected trip to the “Northern capital”. Holding tickets in my hands I’m ready to jump for joy! The train leaves at 23.40 from the Leningradsky Railway station. What I like about all this stuff is that I’ll visit St.Pete in summer. This season makes all the cities to look friendlier… Moreover it will be easier to walk barefoot! I mean I want not only to look at this city but also to feel it deeply.
The day before I had a chat with Polina, and she supported my idea and asked me to take some photos (or even videos) of my barefoot journey. So, let’s go!"

(c) Helga Melody


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About the project 

All members of our team - real barefoot girls! 
They are not models! 
They like to walk barefoot and shoot videos and photos! 
They do not go barefoot for the money! 

Fundraising goal - travel barefoot around the world!


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